Sacred Heart Of Jesus
For The Holy Chruch


Pro Ecclesia Sancta is an Ecclesial Family of diocesan right was founded in Peru on June 29th, 1992, the Feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Our objective is to promote the vocation to holiness and perfection, in order to contribute to the renewal, strengthening, and expansion of the Catholic Church so that Christ may reign, so that His heart may reign ad Maximam Trinitatis Gloriam – for the greatest glory of the Trinity through the spirituality of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

In recent years the apostolate has been growing intensely, most of all by means of the Lay Movement, with its diverse conversion programs, the groups we lead, the parishes that we have assumed, the chaplaincies in schools and universities, and missions. Pro Ecclesia Sancta has now spread to several parts of Peru, Spain, and the United States of America.

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