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Pro Ecclesia Sancta Movement in the Heart of the World

Be Not Afraid!
From the first moment of his papacy, Pope John Paul II implored us to "Be Not Afraid!" He wrote: "Do not be afraid of God's mystery, do not be afraid of His love, and do not be afraid of man's weakness or of his grandeur." I thought I had taken this teaching to heart, but I have to admit that I was a little afraid for Saint Mark's parish when I heard that our new pastor—one of priest from Pro Ecclesia Sancta —was a young priest from Peru from a new Order. Would this priest be strong? Did this new Order have a love for Jesus? Was God's hand leading our parish to a closer relationship with Him? Nine months later, it is clear that the answer to all of these questions is YES! I believe that the Master of the harvest has sent out the Pro Ecclesia Sancta Members for an abundant harvest in our parish. We are growing as a Strong Family United in Christ, and I am remembering, once again, to Be Not Afraid! - Shrake Family

We are very grateful…

Pro Ecclesia Sancta (through its members) knows how to get the job done. He (one of its priests) was brilliant in preparing Dee and I for marriage. He led us to discover a deeper relationship between ourselves and the Lord. He knew the areas we needed challenging in and the areas we needed reassurance in. He was the calm before the storm. We are very grateful for the entire Pro Ecclesia Sancta community here in St. Paul. The Pro Ecclesia Sancta members are the leaders our parish needed.

- Dee and Aaron Gengler

The charism of Pro Ecclesia Sancta is what the Church needs today

God's deep love for us experienced through the Mass, Confession, Adoration and the teachings of the Church will transform our lives in ways we cannot imagine. God is calling to lives of holiness, to become saints and to become a family united in Christ. This has been the clear message of the Pro Ecclesia Sancta Members as they work in Saint Mark's Church, school, and with students from the surrounding college community. The Holy Spirit is enlivening this Parish and much is yet to come! It is a message that has transformed my heart and mind and changed the focus of my life. The charism of Pro Ecclesia Sancta is what the Church needs today and we are blessed to be living it.

- Faith Martin Carlson 

Full of energy

The Pro Ecclesia Sancta members arrived at the Church of Saint Mark full of energy and enthusiasm to share their vision of Christ as the center of our lives. They are helping our parish to become "A Strong Family United in Christ" through our commitment to our faith, the Church and sacraments.

-Sharon Suess

Hungering for More

My family and I are very grateful for God’s gift in being able to participate in the Catholic Advance Movement. We first met Pro Ecclesia Sancta in 2010. After a Saturday morning Mass, we were approached by a zealous member of the Movement who sincerely shared with us her joy in belonging to the Catholic Advance. Having just moved to California only months before and hungering for more in our spiritual lives, we decided to start attending meetings that were held at St. Peters Catholic Church in Dixon. It was there that we met a Pro Ecclesia Sancta priest and the many wonderful families who constitute the California movement.

Not only have we been blessed with a wonderful group of families who share the values that we hold near and dear to our hearts as Catholics, but we also have had the grace of receiving solid formation that propels us forward in our spiritual journey. The spirituality of Pro Ecclesia Sancta is beautiful in its simplicity as it is based on the sacraments and teaching principles of our Catholic Faith. It has aided our family formation and enriched our family life. When a person discovers Christ and falls in love with Him, it is natural to share Him with others. We have found this natural simplicity in the PES members, who continue being shining examples of true followers of Christ.

-Patch Family